Why are La-Z-Boy recliners so expensive?

Why are La-Z-Boy recliners so expensive?



If comparing prices in Thailand, La-Z-Boy recliners are considered to be among the highest prices in Thailand. Some people are wondering why La-Z-Boy products are so expensive. We'll take you to clear up your doubts...

La-Z-Boy recliners stand out in terms of quality. Since La-Z-Boy USA was founded in 1927 until now, it's almost 100 years old. Millions of recliners have been delivered to customers all over the world. It is a true guarantee of the quality of La-Z-Boy.


La-Z-Boy products have the longest warranty of 10 years, but there are reports from customers that the products are very durable and can be used for a long time, passed on from generation to generation. The products are still in use from the father's generation to the grandchildren's generation.


The reason why La-Z-Boy products have lasted for such a long time must start with La-Z-Boy's production philosophy, which is careful in selecting the best materials from all over the world, carefully assembling them, paying attention and controlling the quality of production at every step. The internal structure is carefully assembled piece by piece, making the cost much higher than recliners that use a one-piece wooden structure. But that gives an advantage: when the recliner is damaged, it can be repaired separately and parts replaced at specific points. It's different from using a whole piece of wood frame. That is, when damaged, it cannot be repaired and must be thrown away and replaced with a new one.


In terms of design, La-Z-Boy believes in the classic that classic never dies, so we intend to design every model of recliner to be classic combined with luxury. But it also has timeless value. No matter how many years have passed, this design is still contemporary and still fits with many home decorating styles.


La-Z-Boy also believes in the individuality of man, so all of La-Z-Boy's products are made to order. You can customize every detail to create a La-Z-Boy recliner that is unique to each customer. Some best-selling models like the 512 Pinnacle, manual system, can be customized in more than four thousand different styles to best match the lifestyle and reflect the personality of the user.


The La-Z-Boy recliner is not only good-looking from the outside, but behind the design of the La-Z-Boy recliner is also based on ergonomic principles "The Science of Ergonomics" that creates maximum comfort because it supports every part of the body. It also helps relieve health problems such as back pain or problems caused by sleeping such as snoring, acid reflux, etc.


With decades of durability and a timeless design, the La-Z-Boy recliner becomes a space filled with memories. There are many memorable images of various moments of families spending time together, talking and watching TV together, from childhood until they grew up to be adults and have their own families. Even though times have changed and people no longer watch TV, the original La-Z-Boy sofa still remains and still serves its purpose as a space for resting the body and mind, and as a space for remembering family activities.


Globiz Venture Co., Ltd. is direct distributor of La-Z-Boy products, furniture brand from America, which has been distributed for more than 20 years. The company has store locations in many provinces throughout the country. The company has delivered quality recliners to the homes of many large businessmen, celebrities, politicians, soldiers, police, government officials. La-Z-Boy recliners can often be seen in leading department stores, large public and private hospital chains, various five-star luxury hotels and luxury spas. Places where La-Z-Boy recliners are placed are often compared to being a symbol of Luxury Relaxation, where everyone believes in and trusts in quality.

When we tell you up to this point, don't believe us yet. We want you to come try it for yourself at La-Z-Boy Gallery, leading department stores and furniture stores nationwide. We invite you to experience this for yourself or ask your friends who use La-Z-Boy and you will find that La-Z-Boy recliners are actually not expensive at all. Because La-Z-Boy doesn't just sell recliners, but sells a superior relaxation experience and truly timeless durability.

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