Antimicrobial and Pet Friendly Fabric

Antimicrobial and Pet Friendly Fabric

Antimicrobial & Pet Friendly Fabric

Keeping Your Fabric Fresher

Antimicrobial properties surround each fiber to provide optimum protection against mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria.

What is Antimicrobial ?

Antimicrobial is an agent that kills micro-organisms or stops their growth. Animicrobial properties inhibit the growth of mold, and oder causing bacteria.
Antimicrobial fabrics for La-Z-Boy include silver, a liquid metal that has been known since ancient times to have properties that effectively inhibit bacteria growth, deactivating it on contact. Silver is safe and considered non-toxic to humans. Normal day-to-day contact with sold silver coins, spoons or bowls have not been found to affect human health. Silver is highly effective and long lasting as an Antimicrobial fabric.
An antimicrobial solution is mixed in a bath. Fabric is then submerged followed by drying to cure the silver technology into the fabric. The solution denied bacteria an environment in which to grow controlling odors, mold, and mildew before it happens

NOTE: Antimicrobial properties do not protect anyone from viruses or other germs. Owning furniture upholstered in an Antimicrobial fabric does not mean microbes floating in the air will be destroyed.

Features & Benefits

Prevents the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the fabric.

Won’t wash away during standard cleaning and will help your fabric last longer and stay fresher.


Combine antimicrobial with iClean for a fabric that saving your furniture from stains


Antimicrobial Fabrics are covered by our 2-year Warranty for specific stains.

*Stains covered by the warranty consist of: beer, tea, coffee, juice, milk, soda, wine, syrup, chocolate, ice-cream, jelly, tomato sauce, salsa sauce, washable magic marker, urine, dirt



Pet Friendly Fabric

Pets are tough on furniture. That’s why our durable, cleanable fabrics are perfect for pet homes.

Wear-tested Durability

We put our Pet Friendly fabrics through extra testing to
simulate the scratches & abrasion that pets dish out.


Moisture Repellant
Pet Friendly fabrics feature iClean™ technology that
repels liquids before they can turn into stains.


Easy Maintenance
Pet Friendly fabrics meet our highest standards
of durability and cleanability.


Stylish Colors
Customize your upholstered furniture with Pet Friendly
fabrics in a wide assortment of colors.






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