It is 2 years warranty for foam however, within such period the foam will be a little tightly compressed. An unusual deflate of foam will be covered by the warranty excepting any fiber deflate.
It is not advisable to use anything other than a slightly wet cloth to clean the cover of your La-Z-Boy. Then rub with a dry cloth to remove the moist.
Our company is a distributor in Thailand only. Therefore, the warranty matters only in the country. If the customer has to send abroad, we are not responsible for product warranty and overseas shipping costs Therefore, customers have to contact the foreign shipping directly. However, if you want to order outside of Thailand You can study dealer information in that country at
Yes, we have reupholstery (cover and foam) for La-Z-Boy Product in Thailand only. Please contact the Customer Service Department for pricing, specs etc. Tel. 02-376-0118 ext. 104
It is soft pigmented leather which lends itself to multiple design styles. The hides are dyed-through on compatible crust which enables the color matching. Consistent grain, high yield hides, and soft hand all combine to make EM an outstanding value. This traditional leather is fully protected pigmented leather that is surface coated with a treatment for resistance to effects of everyday use. EM would normally be used together with other materials, like PVC, when it is made into a furniture.
FL/XL is in the Performance group, typically top grain hides that have been buffed or sanded and may have a corrective process applied such as embossing. This process allows the leather to withstand more everyday wear.
GL is classed in the Authentic type which is normally left in their natural state so that wrinkles and animal characteristics are visible. This type of leather is still very durable, but is generally for a more formal setting in the home.
It is normal for leather products to come with its own, natural smell. Leaving the item in a well-ventinlated room would greatly help reduce the smell.
Since the factory of La-Z-Boy Thailand Co. Ltd. has notified the change of specifying Cover code from XL 528XXX to UL 528XXX at the label on the box and legrest as standard. Globiz Venture Co. Ltd, distributor of La-Z-Boy products, remain using code XL 528XXX in order form and receipt with customers. There is no change of cover materials except code changing.
The noise is naturally made by the lever disengaging the 18 position ratchet and is nothing to be concerned about. To reduce the noise, lean back while lowering the footrest to take pressure off the ratchet system.
From time to time the handle can work loose. To tighten, use a size 3/16 inch Allen key and turn the grub screw in the bottom of the handle clockwise until tight.