Leather is a natural product and it requires careful attention in order to maximize the life of the product. More regular cleaning may be necessary if your furniture is used a lot or it becomes soiled. Lack of attention in soiling will allow body oils to build up and break down the leather surface. To prolong the life of your furniture protect from direct sunlight.
It is not advisable to use anything other than a slightly wet cloth to clean the cover of your La-Z-Boy. Then rub with a dry cloth to remove the moist.
Leather is a natural material and, if properly cared for, will maintain its beauty and usefulness for many years. Direct exposure to strong light can cause any leather color to fade, so always protect leather from direct sunlight and other intense light sources. It is also advised that leather products be kept away from radiators or other generators of heat.

Maintenance: Periodic dusting and vacuuming is recommended for normal maintenance of leather. For daily or weekly dusting use a soft clean lint free white cloth dampened with distilled water.

Cleaning: For deeper cleaning of pigmented leather, use a solution of one-half mild soap such as Neutrogena or Dove and one-half distilled water on a slightly dampened sponge working up a foam to clean. Avoid excessive rubbing with a cloth. Repeat this process as needed. Blot any remaining soap residue with a clean white soft cloth or paper towel dampened with clear distilled water. If stains or soiling persists consult a professional leather cleaning service.
Note: Always test-clean on a hidden area to confirm results. The use of any commercial leather cleaners or leather protection may cause damage to the protective finish. Lighter colors may require more frequency of maintenance than darker colors, depending on use.
Leather is a natural material which, when properly cared for, will maintain its beauty and appearance for many years.

Leather is naturally inclined to stretch and will show as creasing to cushion tops. On deep buttoned furniture, this can lead to opening of pleats. This is normal for this type of upholstery. Without a proper care, especially the areas where most used or touched by human body, this may lead to the soiling, cracking of the leather.

We recommend using your beloved furniture along with how to care for the leather. How often this will be performed will depend on your lifestyle.
La-Z-Boy products are made for comfort. Therefore, there is no limitation on the attire of the user. However, human body tends to normally sweat, especially the parts that are not supported by clothes. The sweat or lotion, applied on our skin, may have direct contact with the furniture leather and, without a proper care, may lead to the soiling, cracking of the leather.
It is 2 years warranty for foam however, within such period the foam will be a little tightly compressed. An unusual deflate of foam will be covered by the warranty excepting any fiber deflate.
Our company is a distributor in Thailand only. Therefore, the warranty matters only in the country. If the customer has to send abroad, we are not responsible for product warranty and overseas shipping costs Therefore, customers have to contact the foreign shipping directly. However, if you want to order outside of Thailand You can study dealer information in that country at http://www.lazboyasia.com/.
Yes, we have reupholstery (cover and foam) for La-Z-Boy Product in Thailand only. Please contact the Customer Service Department for pricing, specs etc. Tel. 02-376-0118 ext. 104
It is soft pigmented leather which lends itself to multiple design styles. The hides are dyed-through on compatible crust which enables the color matching. Consistent grain, high yield hides, and soft hand all combine to make AV/EM an outstanding value. This traditional leather is fully protected pigmented leather that is surface coated with a treatment for resistance to effects of everyday use. AV/EM would normally be used together with other materials, like PU, when it is made into a furniture.
FL/XL is in the Performance group, typically top grain hides that have been buffed or sanded and may have a corrective process applied such as embossing. This process allows the leather to withstand more everyday wear.
GL is classed in the Authentic type which is normally left in their natural state so that wrinkles and animal characteristics are visible. This type of leather is still very durable, but is generally for a more formal setting in the home.