Unique La-Z-Boy Mechanism


Only genuine La-Z-Boy recliners put your comfort first with quality that's built to last. Each is exclusively engineered with our patented reclining mechanisms and crafted using only the finest materials. No wonder we're the industry standard for recliner comfort, style and value.



One of the standout features of the La‑Z‑Boy® is the backrest that reclines to 18 positions and the footrest that can be lifted and locked in 3 positions, both of which are independently adjustable. If we don't lift the footrest, it will be able to rock as well. With independent adjustable feature, it allows the seater to rock while sitting or to rock and lie at the same time without lifting the footrest. While other brands do not offer individual adjustment options, the footrest need to be raised every time in order to recline the backrest.



La‑Z‑Boy® adjustable footrests lock in three positions. These locking positions allow the user to customize the comfort of the recliner to their personal preferences, each providing a different style of relaxation. La-Z-Boy uses a solid steel shaft as a mechanism to adjust the footrest, making the footrest when lifted to be high-strength, support the weight well and will not fold itself even under pressure from the legs and feet. While other brands of recliners generally cannot choose to adjust the level of the footrest. It can only be "opened" and "closed", and the footrest may fold itselfs if pressure is applied to the footrest, which can cause danger.



La‑Z‑Boy® invented and patented a reclining system that provides support for the lower back and torso in all reclining positions. When you recline the recliner, the backrest and the seat move together to provide support for your lower back and coccyx at all times, as well as support for the rest of your body from head to heels. Therefore, you can trust that the user will receive support for all parts of the body while using. With other brands of recliners, there is a gap between the backrest and the seat when you recline, which prevents your lower back from getting proper support. Some people place a towel or pillow under their back to compensate for the lack of lumbar support. Leaning back with a gap between your lower back and the seat can lead to back pain and other health problems.



The La‑Z‑Boy® Recliner is crafted from a unique four-sided frame. This structure is patented for La‑Z‑Boy® only. The wood used is extra thick to provide extra durability and flexibility to support the constant movement of the recliner. The four sides of the recliner frame are connected, this ensures that the pressure on the chair is evenly distributed throughout the frame. Users will not find the La‑Z‑Boy® recliner wobbly or wobbling while in use.



La‑Z‑Boy® recliner has the feature to adjustable the backrest tension, so users can adjust the recliner to suit their strength and weight. It makes using the backrest recline no longer difficult. We do this by adjusting the viscosity at the back of the recliner by adjusting the wing nut under the seat. We have to flip the recliner forward to see the mechanism under the recliner first. Turning the wing nut clockwise will increase the reclining force of the recliner. Turning it counterclockwise will make it easier to recline. La‑Z‑Boy® recliner users should turn the wing nut half turn and sit for testing before making the next adjustment.



All La‑Z‑Boy® reclining mechanisms are hand assembled. This makes servicing the recliner less costly and hassle-free. There is no need to replace the entire mechanism or throw away the recliner, only the defective parts. This is another benefit of using La‑Z‑Boy® products.



The patented La‑Z‑Boy® Rocker reclining mechanism has a 10-year mechanical and construction warranty. La-Z-Boy recliners and sofas have been designed and tested for the mechanism to work at minimum 100,000 times and to test the functionality of the structure to support everyday use. Let's take a look at various furniture manufacturers. How many brands dare to give such a guarantee?


 La‑Z‑Boy® BRAND 

Since the first La‑Z‑Boy® recliner was patented in 1929, the brand has had a unique place in the minds of consumers all over the world. La‑Z‑Boy® did not stop there and has been perfecting the art of reclining comfort ever since and is one of the most recognised names in furniture. It’s no wonder why everyone refers to a chair that moves as a La‑Z‑Boy®. Look for the La‑Z‑Boy® name to know you are buying the genuine article.

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