La-Z-Boy Leather


Reasons to love leather

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Outlasts fabric 4 to 1

Leather is 50% stronger than other upholstery and has a life up to 15-20 years.

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Year round comfort
Leather naturally breathes so it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Extremely durable
Natural oils prevent cracking, flaking, peeling and tearing, even along seam lines.

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Ages beautifully
With age leather becomes softer while still retaining its shape and vibrance.

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Color stays vibrant
Finished with special dyes to create a deep, rich color throughout the life of the leather.

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Easy to care for
Simply requires a mild dusting or wiping to keep it looking vibrant for years to come.


Leather Types

With so many leather options, we want to help choose what’s right for you. Here’s a look at the basics to help you find your perfect type.



Description: Tough enough for everyday life, these top grain leathers are crafted to be rugged enough to withstand the challenges of homes with small children and pets. 

Characteristics: The consistent overall color and subtle markings of Performance or protected leathers are created by a variety of techniques, such as embossing, corrective techniques and protective coatings, to improve resistance to soil and enhance their natural beauty. 

Benefits: Luxurious, long lasting and easy to maintain, Performance leathers have a naturally soft and supple feel, yet can handle the rigors of day-to-day living. An occasional wiping with a clean damp cloth keeps Performance leathers looking their best for many years to come. 



Description: These full top grain leathers are one-of-a-kind creations for people who appreciate rare natural beauty and unique character. 

Characteristics: Pure, transparent dyes enhance natural markings such as wrinkles, scars and brands in each Authentic or Aniline hide. The dramatic color variations created are prized as hallmarks of quality and give each piece a distinctive look all its own. All Authentic leathers have a special protective top coat that maintains the beauty and integrity of the natural characteristics of the hide. 

Benefits: Silky soft and visually beautiful, Authentic leathers are inherently durable. With proper care, including regular dusting, these premium quality leathers actually become softer and more lustrous over time. 



The basic difference between Performance and Authentic is simply the way the leather is made for its use in the home. Performance leathers are typically top grain hides that have been buffed or sanded and may have a corrective process applied such as embossing. This process allows the leather to withstand more everyday wear. Whereas, Authentic leathers are normally left in their natural state so that wrinkles and animal characteristics are visible. This type of leather is still very durable, but is generally for a more formal setting in the home. Both categories of La-Z-Boy leathers are finished with special protective coatings designed to enhance the hand of the particular article. 


GL827709 DELVECCHIO - Pigmented Semi-Aniline (Authentic)

“Delvecchio” is establishing a new fashion trend for handcrafted leathers.  With a tri-tone hand rubbed process, “Delvecchio” achieves a look usually created via time and use.  This leather exudes richness and luxury, a perfect complement to many styles of Furniture.  Its soft hand is legendary. 

“Delvecchio” is a modern marvel incorporating a combination of the latest tanning and finishing technology along with the painstaking care and skill of the finest craftsmen.  The multiple layers of transparent colors over a hand-stippled surface create an awesome melody of colorations giving “Delvecchio” its multi-dimensional visual signature.  


FL5153 EURO - Pigmented Semi-Aniline (Performance)

“Euro” is a top grain leather that is slightly corrected.  Above average cut of raw material provides “Euro” with a spongy-soft feel hand.  This article is

then machine finished with a two-tone transparent effect that tends to “cloud up” on the surface of the grain pattern giving it a unique appearance.  This transitional leather has received enough pigment treatment for color consistency and resistance to effects of everyday use. 

“Euro” is available in 4 colors:  40 Tan, 74 Cognac, 76 Maple and 77 Chocolate


XL8891 CALIFORNIA – Pigmented Semi-Aniline (Performance)

“California” is a top grain leather.  It is a traditional pigmented tannage that has been kiss-buffed for grain consistency and then corrected with a very light grain pattern that still reveals some of the natural characteristics in the hide. 

“California” receives its rich opaque pigment from machine spraying giving it a consistent finish.  It is protect with a low luster top coat. 

“California” is available in 1 colors:  36 Earth


AV7148 MADRAS – Pigmented (Performance)

 “Madras” is soft pigmented leather which lends itself to multiple design styles.  The hides are dyed-through on compatible crust which enables the color matching.  Consistent grain, high yield hides, and soft hand all combine to make Madras an outstanding value.  This traditional leather is fully protected pigmented leather that is surface coated with a treatment for resistance to effects of everyday use.

“Madras” is available in 13 colors: 08 Wine,30 Dash, 32 Cloud 34 Stone, 38 Mushroom, 50 Black, 55 Smoke, 57 Pebble, 72 Fango, 74 Chestnut, 77 Mocca, 86 Deep, 89 Claret


Cleaning & Maintenance Instructions:

Leather is a natural material and, if properly cared for, will maintain its beauty and usefulness for many years. Direct exposure to strong light can cause any leather color to fade, so always protect leather from direct sunlight and other intense light sources.  It is also advised that leather products be kept away from radiators or other generators of heat.


Maintenance: Periodic dusting and vacuuming is recommended for normal maintenance of leather.  For daily or weekly dusting use a soft clean lint free white cloth dampened with distilled water.


Cleaning: For deeper cleaning of pigmented leather, use a solution of one-half mild soap such as Neutrogena or Dove and one-half distilled water on a slightly dampened sponge working up a foam to clean.  Avoid excessive rubbing with a cloth. Repeat this process as needed. Blot any remaining soap residue with a clean white soft cloth or paper towel dampened with clear distilled water.  If stains or soiling persists consult a professional leather cleaning service.


Note: Always test-clean on a hidden area to confirm results.  The use of any commercial leather cleaners or leather protection may cause damage to the protective finish.  Lighter colors may require more frequency of maintenance than darker colors, depending on use.


Shade Standards: This leather will have shade variations.

General Rules 

Leather is a natural material and, if properly cared for, will maintain its beauty and usefulness for many years. 

Direct exposure to strong light can cause any leather color to fade, so always protect leather from direct sunlight and other intense light sources. It is also advised that leather products be kept away from radiators or other generators of heat. 

Daily or weekly damp dusting and vacuuming with a soft brush attachment is recommended for normal maintenance of leather. 



1. Avoid friction when cleaning, use a sponge. 
2. Allow leather to completely dry before using. 
3. Avoid use of household cleaners, saddle soap, lanolin, hair spray, mink oil, and Armoral™, any silicon based products, and any other commercial cleaners or leather protection. 

La-Z-Boy® Top Grain Leather

La-Z-Boy® and leather: An investment in comfort and style.

Genuine top grain leather is always in style. Like fine wines, leather matures with age. The longer you own it, the more comfortable it becomes. Leather is more than just a good financial investment ... it's an investment in enduring comfort. 


Why does La-Z-Boy® use only genuine top grain leather?

The best quality leathers are taken from the top layer of the hide. The premium surface quality is known as "top grain". Nature itself has worked into the texture of every piece of genuine leather small healed scars and scratches that are the true hallmarks of quality. 


How durable is genuine top grain leather furniture?

Genuine top grain leather is one of the strongest materials known to man, lasting three to five times longer than fabric. Nature has created leather's physical structure by building up millions of coil-like molecules into tiny fibrous strands, twisting the strands together into bundles of fibers, and finally interweaving the fibers into an incredible random weave that defies wear and stress, tears, and punctures. 


How comfortable is leather?

Because of leather's natural physical structure, it "breathes." This means that unlike many man-made fabrics, leather is comfortable to the touch ... even on hot sticky days. It is fresh in the summer and cozy in the winter. It is also flexible under weight pressure. And when you combine these qualities with the comfort found only in La-Z-Boy® products ... you've discovered the ultimate in comfort! 


Top grain leather is the hallmark of quality.

It has a special texture and warmth. Like good wood or marble, leather can NEVER be imitated. Genuine leather, unlike many synthetics that come and go, will always be in style. 


Care and cleaning of your La-Z-Boy® natural leather product.

Using a clean white cloth, dampened with distilled water, gently pat the stain and area surrounding it to remove as much of the stain as possible. Allow to air dry. Repeat this process as needed. Do not expose to direct sunlight or heat. Periodic dusting or vacuuming is recommended for normal maintenance of the leather. 

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