Review of 512 Pinnacle, the number one best-selling recliner

Review of 512 Pinnacle, the number one best-selling recliner



When thinking of the design of La-Z-Boy, people often think of the Pinnacle design which is considered the iconic model of La-Z-Boy because it is sold in Thailand and over 60 countries around the world and has been a best seller for over 10 years. It is considered the All Time World Best Seller model.

As for the reasons that make this 512 Pinnacle recliner a best seller, there are many reasons, whether it's a mid size, not too big, not too small, suitable for every space in the house. Everyone in the family, from children to the elderly, can use it.

As for the design, it is a classic design mixed with contemporary that is timeless. No matter how many decades have passed, the 512 Pinnacle recliner still looks beautiful, luxurious, and looks good in any home.

In terms of softness and comfort, no one is superior. With an ergonomic design that supports and hugs every body parts, creating superior comfort. It is considered a recliner that fits every lifestyle of relaxation. It also helps with health, very suitable for people who have back pain problems, snoring or have acid reflux symptoms. Recliners are great for relieving these symptoms.


 10T-512 Pinnacle  It is a lever-type recliner. The highlight is that the footrest can be raised and locked in 3 levels, which is a La-Z-Boy patent that other brands cannot do. The recliner reclines up to 18 levels, and the backrest and footrest can be adjusted independently. It is considered to be the best-selling and very popular model of La-Z-Boy.


 RHT-512 Pinnacle  Upgraded from model 10T-512. There is one more outstanding feature. That is, the headrest can be adjusted to 3 levels. It increases neck support, keeping the head upright and facilitating more activities.


 16P-512 Pinnacle  An power recliner that doesn't rock. It has 2 comfort functions. Including the backrest and footrest. It's suitable for elderly people or people who don't like rocking recliners. When reclining the backrest, the recliner will slide forward to save space without having to leave too much space in the back. (*16P-512 is an additional option of Power Rocking Recliner 1PT-512.)


 1HT-512 Pinnacle  Considered the top model of the Pinnacle Family. Classified in the PowerXR+ group, it has 4 adjustable functions including backrest, footrest, headrest and lumbar support. These 4 parts can be adjusted independently to achieve maximum comfort.


 Platinum TPL-512 Pinnacle  It is in the Power Lift Recliner group. It is suitable for the elderly and people who have mobility problems because the recliner can help lift us up without having to exert effort to stand up.


 P32-512 Pinnacle  It is an power reclining sofa with 2 seats or what we call  "Loveseat". It's very suitable for people with a partner who sits at home watching movies or doing various activities together.

 4PT-512 Pinnacle  Home Theater Power Rocking Reclining Loveseat. Suitable for sitting comfortably, chilling, watching movies with the family with a center console for placing drinks and snacks. There is a secret compartment to store many different things.


 P35-512 Pinnacle  Family size power reclining sofa with 3 seats. The sofa can recline on both the left and right seats. The middle seat can be pulled down to be used as a place to put things. Changing your room to look different and ready to entertain by turning the sofa into a 2-seater.

With the good sales of the 512 Pinnacle design, the 512 Pinnacle product line has been divided into many different types of products, covering all seat sizes. and all usage features.

All models of La-Z-Boy recliners are Super Custom Made products that can be customized according to the lifestyle and home decoration style of each customer. You can choose to custom everything, whether it's the fabric covering material, there are many types to choose from. iClean fabric that is stain-resistant and easy to clean, Conserve fabric made from recycled plastic bottles, or Antimicrobial fabric that are anti-bacterial and pet-friendly. The leather material can be chosen as half genuine leather or full genuine leather. You can choose the shade and grade of leather as well. Options are available to change or add, such as wood or metal lever material, changing the lever from right to left, adding a swivel base. Power recliners can also be changed from a push-button panel on the side of the recliner to a remote control.

Choose to view and create a custom 512 Pinnacle chair in your own style at La-Z-Boy Gallery, department store. and leading furniture stores nationwide

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