Should I buy manual or power recliner ?

Should I buy manual or power recliner ?



Today we will take a look at the differences in reclining sofa chairs or what we call "Recliner". Many people have asked, what is the difference between lever chairs and electric chairs?


Highlights of the Manual recliner• Cheaper price
• Can be placed anywhere in the house because there are no wires to distract the eye. (No need to plug in)
• The backrest and footrest can be adjusted separately. It's the signature of La-Z-Boy that no one can imitate.
• The backrest can be reclined up to 165 degrees.
• Can be rocked, making sitting more enjoyable or helping to lull your baby to sleep.
• Swivel base can rotate 360 degrees, helping you not miss any viewing angle.


Highlights of the Power recliner
• Adjustable up to 4 parts, ranging from backrest / footrest / headrest / lumbar support (depending on the type of recliner).
• Choose to adjust all parts independently of each other. Or choose to adjust the backrest and footrest at the same time as well.
• Smooth reclining adjustment, no interruption, the working sound of the mechanism is very low.
• It doesn't take long to adjust the recline, only 6-8 seconds (depending on the type of recliner).
• Remember your favorite recline angle settings (depending on the recliner type).
• Can be rocked (depending on the type of recliner).


How many recliners are on sale that can be reclined the way we want, giving the most comfortable feeling like this? No matter how you explain it, you may not see the picture. We would like to invite everyone to come and try the products for yourself at every La-Z-Boy stores nationwide.



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