The 5 best La-Z-Boy recliners for seniors

The 5 best La-Z-Boy recliners for seniors



For general users, recliners are primarily concerned with comfort. But for people who are starting to age, in addition to comfort, they must also consider ease of use and safety.

Today we will introduce 5 best-selling La-Z-Boy recliners that are suitable for seniors. Whoever is buying it for their parents or for their own use, let me tell you, it will definitely meet your needs, both comfortable, convenient and safe.


 PowerXR Recliner 
It is a power recliner with 2 motors, allowing you to choose to adjust the backrest and raise the footrests independently. Therefore, it is very suitable for the elderly because it does not require effort to adjust the recline, just press the button on the side of the recliner or use the remote control, making it convenient to use.
1PT-532 Harbor Town 
Comfortable recliner, easy to use, small but great model. Suitable for rooms with limited space.
1PT-512 Pinnacle
One of La-Z-Boy's best-selling models. Good size, soft and comfortable.


 PowerXR+ Recliner 
Upgrading the technology from the normal PowerXR recliner that can adjust only 2 parts (backrest and footrest). This type can adjust up to 4 parts together. In addition to reclining the backrest and footrest, the headrest and lumbar support can also be adjusted for maximum comfort.
1HT-530 Greyson
The king of recliners, the biggest, the softest, and the most comfortable to sit on. Anyone who has tried sitting on it has fallen asleep. Anyone who has a wide area and wants to get a finisher, this one is the best in the class.


 Power Lift Recliner 
The ultimate innovation of La-Z-Boy, designed especially for the elderly or those with mobility issues. There is a special motor like an elevator that helps lift us up from sitting until our feet touch the floor smoothly without having to use any force to lift ourselves up.
Platinum TPL-512 Pinnacle
Taking the popular design from the best-selling Pinnacle style and adding a lift function in addition to the PowerXR feature that can choose to adjust the backrest and footrest independently. Ending the problem of seat that are too comfortable and make some elderly people have difficulty getting up.
Diamond TPH-559 Eden
Upgraded from PowerXR+ that already has 4 features (backrest, footrest, headrest, lumbar support) comes with 1 additional feature which is the lift. It is considered the model with the most complete features, the most convenient, the most comfortable, the safest and suitable for elderly people!


Ten mouths say it's not as good as the eyes see, ten eyes can't see as well as you come and try it yourself. We recommend taking your parents or older relatives that you love to come and try out the products at all La-Z-Boy stores nationwide.



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