5 must-have checklists for postpartum mother chair

5 must-have checklists for postpartum mother chair



A must-have item for postpartum mothers who have just had a baby that they need to breastfeed, lull to sleep, or pump breast milk is a "Recliner". Today we will tell you Checklist of 5 things you should have for recliners especially for postpartum mothers. It is impossible to miss any one of these.


 1) A recliner must be able to rock.  Anyone who has ever put a baby to sleep must understand this very well. Especially a baby who has difficulty sleeping or is addicted to being held and lulled to sleep, the mom stands and rocks the baby but cannot fall asleep, shakes until the arm is sore and the wrist aches. If we carry our baby on a recliner and hold him close to our chest, it will help him get warmth from us. Then we gently rock the recliner to a comfortable rhythm at the same time to help the child fall asleep more easily. Once the baby is asleep, we can put the baby on the bed and the mom will have time to do other things.


 2) The backrest and footrest can be adjusted to many levels.  Some brands of recliners can only be adjusted by having to tilt the backrest and raise the footrest at the same time, which is definitely not convenient for mothers. Because if a mother is pumping breast milk and has to sit with a straight back but wants to adjust the footrests so she can sit comfortably, she won't be able to do it. Therefore, a good recliner for mothers must be adjustable in many ways and can be adjusted independently to support every mother's baby-raising lifestyle.


 3) Supports every part of the body.  Almost every mother has to deal with back pain because she has to carry the weight of her infant while in the womb, and after giving birth she still has to carry the baby, which is called back pain all the time. A good chair must be designed to support every part of the mother's body, from the neck, shoulders, back, and lower back area. This will help relieve mother's back pain better than sitting on a sofa or general chair.


 4) The armrest must be good.  Some people may think of this as a small matter, but it really is. And it's important for a postpartum mother's recliner that the armrests must be wide enough. If the armrest is too small while the mother sits to breastfeed and lull the baby to sleep, it will be inconvenient and will also cause arm fatigue. Conversely, if the armrest is wide enough, it will be convenient, comfortable, pain-free and can be used as the main recliner for raising baby.


 5) The recline adjustment must be as easy and smooth as possible.  Because mothers often hold their babies with both hands. If some recliners require you to reach your arms when reclining, it will be inconvenient if you are holding your child. Remote reclining is the most convenient method. As for smoothness in adjustment, it is very important. There should not be any loud noises while reclining as this will wake up the baby who has just been lulled to sleep, causing the mother to have to start lulling the baby again. Therefore, choosing an power recliner is more suitable for raising babies because reclining is more quiet.


Hopefully parents will get ideas for choosing a good recliner from this article. Choosing a recliner that has all these 5 points will make the mother less tired and more comfortable. When the mother is happy, the baby will be happy and good development will follow.



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