Can mothers use the same chair during pregnancy and after giving birth?

Can mothers use the same chair during pregnancy and after giving birth?

Many people have wondered whether the chair for the mother during pregnancy and postnatal is the same or not, are there any differences, and can one chair work for both situations? Today, La-Z-Boy will provide you with an answer about this. Not all chairs are suitable for mothers during pregnancy and postnatal period. A great option for mothers during both periods is a recliner that can support the changes in body shape and positively impact the baby. 


To prepare for the baby during pregnancy or after birth, most mothers pay attention to the development and health of their child. However, many of them usually forget to look for things that can benefit them other than food. One of which is about finding a resting chair that can fully support their changes in the body.

What are the benefits of a recliner while pregnant?

  1. A recliner can reduce the aching pains of the mother's body during pregnancy since they have to carry a heavyweight.

  2. A recliner that can recline the footrest above the heart's level will reduce varicose veins. As it can support and adjust the legrest, it allows the blood to flow easily.

  3. A recliner can help with adjusting the body of the mother’s posture safely.


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  Yet, many mothers might consider a recliner as an expensive piece of furniture and wonder whether it can be used for a long time until the period after giving birth or not? This answer is not difficult to answer at all. The answer is a yes; the same recliner can be used and will undoubtedly benefit both the mother and the child.


What are the benefits of a recliner for mothers after giving birth?

  After giving birth, especially the pain of surgical wound or c-section wound after giving birth, sitting in the ordinary resting chair or sleeping on the bed may affect the wound when changing position. 

Moreover, sitting in the recliner will help you feel more comfortable changing their position when feeding the baby or when you want your baby to sleep; rocking the chair while holding them will help them to fall asleep easily. Additionally, adjusting the seat to support your entire body when sitting or reclining will help you with back pain issues. Therefore, a recliner is an excellent resting chair for both the mothers and the child.

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La-Z-Boy’s Recliner

Recliners or reclining chairs from La-Z-Boy are designed to support you during pregnancy and the postnatal period. It is not just a recliner but also a rocking chair that provides you comfort during your resting time and supports the development of your newborn baby.


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