4 chair features suitable for the elderly

4 chair features suitable for the elderly

The elderly usually face several problems when sitting, including the feeling of tiredness from sitting for a long time, balancing, and getting up from the chair.  The design of the chair must take into account the physiology of use to support them. Four distinctive features suitable for the elderly are:

1️⃣ The appropriate seat height is ranging between 45-50 cm (not too flat), the cushion is not too soft to ease the user to stand without joint pain.

2️⃣ The armrest to support the elderly to stand up, change posture, and help them balance well when sitting for a long time.

3️⃣ The backrest is high enough to support the head, can rest the neck, and reduce fatigue.

4️⃣ The cover is genuine leather, which is a comfortable touch, non-greasy, and easy to clean.

La-Z-Boy recliner is designed with the user's experience in mind. Our designs are suitable for all ages, safe and easy to use. Importantly, it also provides comfort and relaxation at the same time.

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