Why do La-Z-Boy recliners come with a 10-year guarantee?

Why do La-Z-Boy recliners come with a 10-year guarantee?


La-Z-Boy, recliners and reclining sofas for comfort and health, has been famous for over 97 years in United State for producing high quality furniture. With a selection of materials and mechanisms that are durable and safe to use, over 100 parts assembled by experienced craftmen. Make customers confident in making purchasing decisions to make it worth the investment. All of this makes La-Z-Boy ready to provide a 10-year warranty on the mechanism and structure.


1. Quality Assurance :  La-Z-Boy has a long-standing reputation for producing high quality furniture. Providing a 10-year warranty reflecting our confidence in durability and craftsmanship, we assure customers that they are investing in a product that is built to last.


2. Customer Confidence :  A guarantee of up to 10 years helps increase customer confidence. Knowing that their purchases will be protected for a long time makes customers feel safe investing. This results in increased sales and confidence in the brand.


3. Longevity :  La-Z-Boy recliners are famous for their durability and longevity. A 10-year warranty gives customers confidence that this investment will provide comfort and satisfaction for years to come. It's worth it.


4. Customer Satisfaction :   A 10-year warranty increases customer satisfaction. If customers encounter a problem with a La-Z-Boy recliner, they can rest assured that the company will take care of their product. Repairs or replacements are provided at no additional cost.


5. Brand Reputation :  La-Z-Boy has built a strong brand reputation over a long period of time. The 10-year warranty is the brand's commitment to deliver quality products that delight customers. It helps reinforce the brand's image as a reliable and trusted furniture manufacturer.


6. Environmental Responsibility :  The long product warranty is consistent with our sustainability objectives. The furniture is designed to be durable and long-lasting, along with a multi-year product warranty. This allows La-Z-Boy to reduce the environmental impact associated with the disposal and disposal of furniture waste.


7. Sharing good things / Kind Sharing :  Long product warranties help encourage repeat purchases. Customers who are satisfied with a product they have purchased are more likely to purchase it again in the future and will recommend it to friends and family members. It strengthens the long-term success of the brand.


Lazyboy offers a 10-year warranty on the mechanism and structure. And other parts of the warranty are different, such as a 2-year warranty on leather and foam, a 1-year warranty on the electrical system, etc. If the customer has read and understood the details and various conditions in protection under this warranty (find information from the website www.lazboythailand.com or in the product warranty card that will go along with the product) will make you understand the methods better. It will give customers peace of mind and confidence in La-Z-Boy products. However, customers should always maintain the furniture in good condition according to the care instructions so that they can use La-Z-Boy for a long time.



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