What position should you not sit in during pregnancy?

What position should you not sit in during pregnancy?

Certain sitting positions should not be performed during pregnancy. Because it affects many internal organs of the mother's body and may affect the health of both the unborn child and the mother, including

 Hunchbacked sitting  because it will cause the spinal cord to carry more weight.

 Sitting on floating legs  sitting in this position This will cause blood to flow to the legs, causing the already swollen legs and feet to swell even more.

 Sit without a backrest  there is already a lot of back pain for pregnant women. All expectant mothers should sit with a backrest at all times. Otherwise, it will make your back pain even worse.

 Sit lean forward  this pose is considered dangerous as it raises your blood pressure. It also puts pressure on the ribs where the baby is.

 Squat  may cause a headache for mothers due to pressure on the spine.

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