A secret to relieve insomnia during pregnancy

A secret to relieve insomnia during pregnancy

It is believed that when the mother becomes pregnant, at the very beginning of her pregnancy, she will face one problem, which is insomnia. Many mothers may be wondering how this problem happened and how some people have insomnia at all times, while some may only have it during the early stages of their pregnancy. If we are pregnant mothers and start to have insomnia, how can we fix or alleviate it?

What causes insomnia during pregnancy?

1st cause : An increase in progesterone hormones makes you feel frustrated, tired, emotional and upset, making it difficult to sleep.

2nd cause : Individual variation in fetal size increases with gestational age. When the baby grows and develops inside the mother’s womb, it creates some movement causing mothers to struggle to sleep well.

3rd cause : As your baby is growing, the mother’s pregnant belly is growing too. The rapidly growing belly could make things a little uncomfortable, including cramping, stomach pain, back pain, and difficulty breathing. Many pregnant mothers also suffer from leg cramps, which why pregnant mothers do not get enough sleep each night.

What are the consequences of sleep deprivation to the unborn baby?

When we talk about insomnia or sleep deprivation with ordinary people, it is already a big problem in daily life. When it comes to pregnant mothers, it is considered to be something that should not be ignored or overlooked because insomnia may affect not only the pregnant mothers’ health, but also the unborn babies’ especially their body and brain. Insufficient total sleep or fragmentation of deep sleep may lead to developmental or growth problems in the unborn baby. Not having enough rest leads to exhaustion and bad blood circulation. The blood flow disorder is marked by a reduction in the mother’s blood supply, meaning that cannot supply adequate oxygen and nutrients to the baby from the mother’s bloodstream. Without this vital support, the baby cannot grow and thrive. This can lead to low birth weight and growth retardation. 

Alleviate insomnia during pregnancy with the recliner.

Many people have probably heard that when we are pregnant, we should look for a pregnancy chair to support the body during pregnancy and until the baby's birth. A good pregnancy chair must support both the body and the gesture of the mother. The recliners are another type of chair that is suitable for pregnant women. 

A good quality recliner will support every part of the pregnant mother’s body, whether the head, upper back, lower back, hips, and legs, that have to carry the body’s weight when standing and walking. A good recliner has to be able to adjust the level of reclining to match the body’s changes to get the best relaxation. As the gestational age increases, the mother’s pregnant belly is growing, causing pain in the hips and lower back when sitting straight due to the rise in weight carrying. Therefore, sitting and reclining on a recliner can help reduce the back and hip carrying weight. At the same time, resting in a flat position like when you are in bed can make your sleep uncomfortable as you may face cramping, stomach pain, back pain, and difficulty breathing. Hence, a recliner is a great helping hand for pregnant women as you can select your reclining level that makes you feel more comfortable.  It will even be better if it is a pregnancy chair that supports legrest’s adjustment as the pregnant mothers can finally relax their legs after a long day of carrying those weights. Additionally, when your legs are in a comfortable position, it can reduce leg cramps and swelling, including calf muscles and feet, maintaining a healthy and relaxing day. Therefore, a pregnancy chair that can recline backrest and legrest easily is an amazing option for pregnant mothers who want to have a relaxing moment. 



 La-Z-Boy is a leader and expert in recliners for a long time. We focus on the technology that will enhance the comfort and health for our customers including for pregnant women. Thus, we never stopped developing recliners to respond to all of our customer needs.

Besides, La-Z-Boy recliners are leisure chairs that are suitable for everyone, including pregnant mothers. Our latest innovation is the PowerRecline XR + model that Lazyboy has designed to meet both relaxation and functional comfort. Apart from the feature that can recline independently, which can be found in our regular power recliners, PowerReclineXR+ have additional features that can adjust the headrest and lumbar.  The most remarkable thing about this model is that you can choose to upgrade to a smart wireless remote, which can be programmed to memorize 2 favourite reclining positions and find my remote feature. These additional features can make it easy and convenient for pregnant mothers to get the best comfort. 


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