"Pregnancy Chair" Help to add comfort and relieve all the pain for pregnant mothers

"Pregnancy Chair" Help to add comfort and relieve all the pain for pregnant mothers

As pregnant mothers need special care, choosing the right leisure chair for a pregnant mothers’ body is a must because the extra weight during pregnancy often causes body aches. Therefore, you should look for a chair that will support various movements, including supporting the body shape that has changed during pregnancy. By choosing an appropriate chair, it can reduce the aching pains of the mother's body. When the pregnant mothers are happy, the health of the mothers and their babies will also be good.


The causes of body aches during pregnancy.

  1. 1. When the bodyweight increases quickly, the center of gravity of the mother’s body comes to the front,  making pregnant mothers have to bend back all the time, causing back pain. 

  2. 2. Various stresses during pregnancy causes pregnant mothers to induce contractions that are unconsciously leading to pain aches in different body areas.

  3. 3. Intense muscle contraction during pregnancy often leads to acute leg pain or momentary cramping.

  4. 4. Changes in body size lead to body aches and discomfort when you are walking, sitting, and sleeping in the wrong position.



    Have you ever wondered ... Why is a "pregnancy chair" necessary for a pregnant mother?

    During pregnancy, the mother’s body has to carry a heavyweight. The body will begin to get tired and cause pain in various areas, especially the back. Therefore, choosing a chair for pregnant mothers is very necessary for the mother and the baby’s health

    The pregnancy chair is essential to the pregnant mother. The chair should be designed to support the whole body such as headrest, backrest/lumbar support, and footrest whether sitting normally or reclining. As the body changes from the increases in body weight or the changes in shapes, some parts of the body need special care. Yet, for anyone who thinks buying a pregnancy chair will be just a one-time use and it will not be worthwhile, did you know that another type of chair can be used similarly, and that is a reclining chair and a reclining sofa. 


Reclining chairs and reclining sofas are designed for the comfort of your body and it is large enough to support your whole body parts.  Most importantly, it can be adapted to fit every part of the body.  There are two options for recliners: Manual Recliner and Power Recliner. 

For pregnant mothers looking for a pregnancy chair, a reclining chair or a reclining sofa is one of the most suitable options. Apart from the comfort that you will get, a reclining chair or reclining sofa is a great help as it can be adjusted to fit your body while reducing your body and back pains. 

When it comes to La-Z-Boy’s reclining chair, whether it is a manual recliner or a power recliner, we can not only support all parts of your body, but we can also be your rocking chair. A rocking chair is perfect for pregnant mothers as it can enhance the baby's development while pregnant mothers are taking a rest. Besides, the reclining chair and reclining sofa can be used to relax your body for a long time, even after delivering the baby. The recliner will be the spot that you and your baby can enjoy various activities together every day.


A reclining chair or reclining sofa is a great supporter for all pregnant mothers. La-Z-Boy recommends recliners to those who are looking for a maternity chair. It will relieve your body pain and at the same time enhance the development for your baby.

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