6 things you should do when you have knee pain

6 things you should do when you have knee pain

Osteoarthritis is commonly found in people aged over 40 years. While we are aging, we experience overweight, injury, or congenital disorders. La-Z-Boy has useful advice to recommend when you experience knee pain.

1️⃣ Massage with hot press around the knee for 15-30 minutes twice a day, morning - evening when knee pain occurs without inflammation and swelling.

2️⃣ Rest the injured knee by avoiding things that cause knee pain, such as lifting heavy objects, going downstairs, standing, or walking for a long time.

3️⃣ Use a walking stick to help support when walking. Help support the body weight, able to walk more stable and less pain.

4️⃣ Should not rub, or massage yourself without the proper knowledge because it may cause knee injuries.

5️⃣ Take exercise for your knee to strengthen your muscles as recommended by the doctor after the knee pain is recovered.

6️⃣ After doing the five steps above, and you have not overcome the knee pain. You should consult a doctor and not buy medicine to eat by yourself since some drugs have steroids, which can cause complications.

Currently, osteoarthritis does not have the ultimate treatment. Therefore, practice to prevent osteoarthritis and reducing relapse is the best way.

CR: Health Department of Bangkok 

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