Minimal Collection


1-seat recliner “Minimal Collection
The design is simple but looks good. Can be used with all sizes of space Even in limited spaces such as condos.
It also provides softness and comfort in the style of La-Z-Boy.
Comes with a price that makes it easier to decide. Starting at only 19,500 baht
The Minimal Collection has 3 models:
10T-705 RAYNA  /  10T-708 EMPIRE  /  10T-584 PARKER


by La-Z-Boy


10T-705 RAYNA
Comfort that responds to the life of the new generation, Minimal style. With a simple design but with a lot of function, which is a distinctive feature only La-Z-Boy recliners.
SHOP NOW (fabric) SHOP NOW (leather)

10T-708 EMPIRE
The definition of extraordinary simplicity. Designed to fit the lifestyle of a new generation like you. Comfortable recline, does not take up space, can be placed even in confined spaces.
SHOP NOW (fabric) SHOP NOW (leather)

10T-584 PARKER
Good quality recliner with structure designed to support every body shape. The material is packed with quality, guaranteeing longevity and a comfortable, La-Z-Boy style.
SHOP NOW (fabric) SHOP NOW (leather)




by La-Z-Boy


  • • iClean fabric  19,500.-
  • • Half leather  30,200.-

  • • iClean fabric  20,500.-
  • • Half leather  31,200.-

  • • iClean fabric  21,500.-
  • • Half leather  32,200.-


by La-Z-Boy



by La-Z-Boy


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