Recliner for Mom 'Natalie Chiaravanond'

Recliner for Mom 'Natalie Chiaravanond'


Nowadays, a La-Z-Boy recliner is something that every house needs to have. Not only for home lover or for those who care about their health, but also a favorite recliner for a mother since pregnant until giving birth that need to do breastfeeding many times a day. First time mom, Natalie Chiaravanond, choose La-Z-Boy Power Plus rocking recliner 1HT-554 Dreamtime as her favorite chair during pregnant and after giving a birth to her daughter “Natasha”. La-Z-Boy is very honored to conduct an interview with her, and listening to her experience as a mother, how she named her daughter, and her impression on choosing La-Z-Boy for breastfeeding.

Interview with Miss. Natalie Chiaravanond

 How do you prepare yourself during pregnant? 
"I still live a normal life, going on a boat and swimming until 5-6 months pregnant. I did everything normally, but what I was very careful though was what pregnant women should not do. I did not eat anything slang and forbidden, did not jump or did any extreme activities that are risky and might impact the baby."


 Where does the name 'Natasha' come from? 
"I can't find a name until I'm far gone pregnant. I told Fluke that this is not right, the baby will be born and she doesn't have a name yet. What should we do? Until one day, while Fluke was sleeping, he sleepwalking and woke up while hugging me. During pregnancy, especially when also giving a birth, it's difficult to sleep so I had only little sleep. Fluke popped up "Natasha!" then I was like “What?” The Fluke shouted, "Natasha! Natalie's daughter must be named Natasha." After he finished speaking, he laid down. Then we concluded that he had sleepwalked that he named Natasha because the baby is Natalie's daughter. Well, we think that we doubt her name will be Natasha."

 The Critical Moment! 
“At first, I didn't prepare anything for my baby until I was far gone in pregnancy. It was not until 8 months pregnant that I started to prepare. At that time, it's almost 39 weeks. I planned to give natural birth. The doctor said that I had to have surgery. Let's take a look at the graph. Graph it has to be like this (drawing his arms in lines that go up and down like waves) and suddenly it goes down, down, it's very dangerous because we don't know he's suffocating. You may go at any time. It turns out the graph after that it's ok. There was only one period where I fell down, so the doctor said I didn't have to (caesarean section) immediately. It can be tomorrow morning. will have time to prepare."


The Mother Moment
"I was very excited since I did not know what I will encounter in the delivery room. When Fluke brought the baby in, my tear flowed, I got to hold my baby in the room and bredfed her for the first time. That is it, the feeling that this is really our baby that I get to embrace. This is someone who's been in my womb for 9 months, actually almost 10 months too. This is the moment, the moment of being the mother."

 How was the preparation? 
"When I gave her birth, got her name, all the preparation started right away so everything was a little chaos at first but turned out fine in the end. Breastfeeding is something we have to do several times a day and do it every day. So a comfortable chair is very important as it helps mothers who are already tired from raising their child to sit and relax while breastfeeding. I felt that if I am comfortable, my baby must be comfortable as well. Since La-Z-Boy recliner has a rocking feature, so I can hold my baby while rocking with her on La-Z-Boy recliner"

 What do you like about La-Z-Boy recliner? 
“Most of the things that I will do on the La-Z-Boy chair is to breastfeed on the Le-Z-Boy chair and play with him or something like that. We just found out that the La-Z-Boy chair that can be rocked is not just good for a comfortable mother. But it's also good for the unborn child. Because we rocked since he was in the womb will make him feel better balanced than normal children. It helps in balancing when he gives birth. We feel good. When we gave birth, it was comfortable and comfortable. Both breast-feeding is not enough. It's good since before birth to help balance him. Le-Z-Boy This is like a mother's. It's like giving milk and holding a baby like this. let him live a long time Maybe it's rocking too It is comfortable for both mother and child. And Lee likes it because it can be adjusted to raise the legs. This is what Lee thinks is the charm of La-Z-Boy. The longer he sits and the more he can lift his legs. It's not tired."

 Sharing the experience during pregnancy and after giving birth 
"Something I really want to share is. For any occasion, we need to find something that we think is suitable for ourselves. It is very important to be concerned on this point. As mother, we are already exhausted from using our bodies. Since the pregnancy, we need to sit on something very comfortable and after giving birth we even need more of that. If you are looking for a chair for raising a child or breastfeeding like me. I believe that having a good comfortable chair already means that win win half of the battle because we will spend a lot of our time on it. We will enjoy raising our child. When we feel ease, we can put more energy to our child. I would say that I made the right decision to choose La-Z-Boy as the breastfeeding chair because it is a comfortable chair that we can start using since pregnant. I can lean and recline at any angle and always feel comfortable. Like I said, we have to breastfeed many times a day and very long time per one round. So we're going to spend a long time on this chair. So, if it's a comfortable chair, once we sit and breastfeed, we will feel that it is a comfortable time. It is a very happy time. This makes me enjoy breastfeeding a lot, I get to spend time and create a strong bond with my daughter. By having a comfortable chair, we get to put the rest of our energy on our child because we are not tired and we don't feel like breastfeeding is tiring. I feel like my breastfeeding time is very comfortable. When Natasha fell asleep, when I put her down (in the crib), it is time for me to let myself go and enjoy the moment of laying down on the chair. Most of the time, I will adjust the recliner to my favorite position and looking at Natasha. Some key takeaway for me is, if you really looking for a comfortable chair that is good for both mother and child. I would recommend you to take a look at La-Z-Boy products. They have many models; so you may try and see what model suit you most."


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