Let’s learn more about recliner sofa’s covers from La-Z-Boy

Let’s learn more about recliner sofa’s covers from La-Z-Boy

If we would like our sofa to look luxurious, a “Leather“ sofa cover seems to be the answer. Nowadays we know that there are various leather sofa covers including their colors, types or sizes. So let La-Z-boy introduces you more to the leather sofa cover.

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Do you know? 

Sofa’s leather cover is different from the one used for cars whether the making, the use, or the caring methods. Therefore, this article will touch only on different types of leather used for the sofa's cover.

General leather sofa’s cover can be divided into genuine leather, faux/synthetic leather, and bonded leather.

Genuine Leather : 

Genuine leather is made from animal skin such as cows, buffalo, and sheep. Each animal gives a different texture, but the most common one for sofas is cowhide. Cowhide leather can be divided into multiple layers, the outermost layer, the middle layer, and the bottom layer. Each layer is different. The first layer of skin is the softest but retains the natural epidermis's grain layer. 

Each layer of skin will go through different processes for its purpose. Cowhide leather will have its unique smell of cow skin with a natural grain texture. The leather is relatively smooth and warm to the hand in a low-temperature environment and cool when in a high temperature. The price of genuine leather is high depending on the process and layers of the skin (The first layer is the most expensive). The lifespan of this type of leather is long if it was taken care of in the right way. 


Faux/Synthetic Leather : 

  1. 1. PU or Polyurethane is a composite material that combines PU with textile or non-textile materials such as Bi-cast. PU leather’s texture is elastic and is closest to natural leather’s. It comes with a lower price and various choices of colors and patterns. It is also easy to clean. However, the con of PU leather is it can wrinkle and is not breathable. 

  2. 2. PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride is known as Vinyl. It is made out of fabric leather backing, topped with a foam layer, skin layer, and a plastic-based surface coating. It is the cheapest amongst all leather sofa covers. The texture is tough and can be cracked if it is at a hot temperature. It can wear out easily with only 3-5 years of usage. 


 Bonded Leather :

Bonded leather has the lowest quality amongst all. It is made from the leftover scraps and fibers, mixed with a polyurethane binder, and rolled together using adhesives to bond them onto a paper backing. Therefore, it is not suitable for making sofa covers because it is easily damaged and is not durable. However, you must be careful as people who do not know much about leather might misunderstand bonded leather as genuine leather. Thus, many sofa’s manufactures use this leather to make sofa instead because it is cheaper and falsely claim that it is a genuine leather 

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Unique points of La-Z-Boy Sofas leather cover 

We only use Genuine Leather to produce our sofa cover for all of our products except AV leather models, in which we used synthetic leather on the side and back of your sofa recliner where your body does not touch. AV leather is also known as half leather. 

Types of leather that La-Z-Boy use is divided into 2 categories: 

  1.    1. Performance is genuine leather that can be used daily and are especially suitable to those who have small children or pets in the house. This type of leather is used to make La-Z-Boy recliners and sofa covers known as AV, XL, and FL cover codes.

Features: The color of the leather is smooth with a little pattern. We embossed, corrected, and coated the skin to make it durable with a natural touch.

Benefits: It is luxurious, easy to clean, and is durable for everyday use. To retain its natural soft touch, you may dip a soft cloth into the water, wring it out and wipe the surface once in a while to extend its lifespan for years.

  1.    2. Authentic is genuine leather for those who love leather that is unique with its natural beauty looking. This type of leather is thinner and softer than Performance leather. La-Z-Boy only has 1 color for this type of leather, known as GL cover code. 

Features: It is the first layer of cowhide. You will see some natural wrinkles on the leather skin. Each one will come with its own unique colors. For Authentic leather, we do not emboss, correct or coat them for beauty and durability.

Benefits: It has a soft, light, and natural touch. It is easy to clean, but you have to be careful about sharp material as the skin is relatively thin. It is long-lasting. The longer you use, the softer the leather becomes if you clean it correctly. 


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Both Performance and Authentic leathers from La-Z-Boy have the same objective of using them at home. There are just a few differences, such as Performance leathers (AV/ XL/ FL covers from La-Z-Boy) have to go through embossing, correcting, and coating processes to increase their durability and lifespan to make them more suitable for daily use. Whilst, Authentic leather (GL cover from La-Z-Boy) retains its natural touch like its wrinkles and its softness, but requires more attention in the cleaning process as it is the first layer of skin that is relatively thin. 

Whether it is the Performance or Authentic leathers, we do our best in every making process of all of our sofas and recliners to provide the quality that everyone deserves. 

“La-Z-Boy gives you more than comfortable”

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