Get to know about 1-seater recliner from La-Z-Boy

Get to know about 1-seater recliner from La-Z-Boy

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Mentioning a relaxing chair, most people might think about a soft sofa or daybed sofa, which seems suitable for your relaxation time. Yet, the best relaxing time is not only about choosing a comfortable sofa or a good design, but also choosing the one that supports your health. Therefore, choosing a quality chair like a recliner chair or sofa should be your first priority when selecting a chair.

La-Z-Boy (read as Lazyboy) is the number one recliner brand from the United States. All of our recliner chairs are manufactured and engineered with expertise. We pay attention to both the design and technology to bring the best quality out for our customers. In addition, we make sure that our products meet the needs of different groups of customers with our patented technology.

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6 models of La-Z-Boy’s recliner that we intended to serve our customers as our recliners can fully support every body type, whether the head, back, and feet, to give the best comfort...

 Rocker Recliner : A reclining and rocking recliner that secures 3-position locking footrest. The backrest can recline up to 165 degrees for 18 optimum levels of comfort. 

 Wall Recliner :  A recliner that lets you kick back, even when placed close to a wall with its front slide mechanics, making them perfect for limited spaces. It can recline up to 145 degrees 

 Swivel Recliner : An additional function that comes with 360-Degree Swivel Glider, making your relaxation time while watching TV on your favorite chair fun and convenient because it can not only rocking and reclining, but also can turn 360 degrees. You will feel very comfortable and relax on your tiring day. 

 Power Recliner : A power recliner that can fulfill your day with the power to recline at a touch of a button within 6 seconds. It can recline independently and smoothly without noise.

 Lift Recliner : A power lifting recliner that supports your comfort in any position, whether standing, sitting, or even sleeping by remote control. It is suitable for elders or people with disabilities.

 High Leg Recliner : A nice and luxurious design recliner. The design of the chair might look like it is just a stationary chair; however, it can recline as well. 

To create the best comfort, apart from paying attention to the beauty of the design and the health support aspects, La-Z-Boy also brings technology to the table to implement and develop the best La-Z-Boy recliners that provide comfort and wellness to everyone.

La-Z-Boy’s 5 Picks...Our Best Sellers:

  1. 10T-582

  2. 1PT-561

  3. 1HT-530

  4. RHT-532

  5. TPL-512

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Platinum-Power Lift Recliner
TPL-512 Pinnacle
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