Even Better Home Care for the Elderly with Lift Recliner

Even Better Home Care for the Elderly with Lift Recliner


These days, there are plenty of innovative products that are designed and developed to ease the elderly so they can help themselves and live their best lives at home. A lift recliner is considered as one of the innovative products that is designed to enhance home care for the elderly. Today, caring for the elderly is not a difficult thing anymore, but instead a realistic goal for any family.

PowerLift Recliner is another innovative product from La-Z-Boy that is designed to help improve the care of the elderly even better. There are 2 types of PowerLift Recliners to choose from as appropriate for each user. The Platinum model has a shape that looks dignified and beautiful, the base is beautifully closed so that the standing support mechanism cannot be seen. Another version of PowerLift Recliner is the bronze model, which is the standard version.


How Does the Lift Recliner Work?
1.    Adjust posture, sitting – lying – standing, easily and gracefully with the use of a remote control
2.    Adjust reclining position up to 155 degree, which is the position where gravity is zero. You will receive maximum comfort without pressing your spine. Also, it helps to improve your blood circulation
3.    Independent back and legrest positions which allow you to personalize your posture
4.    Strong mechanism with up to 160kg. lift capacity which is why it is suitable for all groups of users and body type
5.    Easy to clean as you can select your cover whether it is an iClean, a stain-resistant fabric or leather to add coolness to your seat
6.    Covered lift base allows a fully enclosed back which provides quiet operation and keeps mechanisms safely hidden from view
7.    Easy to use remote control with pictures of each function on the buttons. Adjustable remote control cable’s position
8.    Battery backup available with two years electric parts warranty


Which Group of Users is Suitable for Lift Recliner? Is It Only for the Elderly?
A lift recliner is designed to serve all groups of users to make it easy and safe to use. Lift recliner still maintains its comfort, the legacy of La-Z-Boy chair, making this recliner not only suitable for the elderly or people with medical conditions but also for people who want to get in touch with superior comfort.
We can create initial groups of users that are suitable for lift recliner as follow:
1.    Elderly who have lost mobility or need that extra bit of help in getting up
2.    People who experience problems with the knee joint, bone joint, or lower back
3.    Pregnancy woman
4.    Overweight
5.    Postoperative and recovery patients


Caring for the elderly or people who lost their mobilities is not easy. Therefore, it is best if you can prepare early protection as it is a better treatment than having to take any medicines. Finding and selecting the right in-home care product is the key to help the elderly age well at home and to show your love and care for your loved ones. It can reduce the chance of accidents and allow the elderly to help themselves easily. Most importantly, it will enable them to maintain the quality of life that they deserve while living in their own home with their families and loved ones.



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