Good ways of Resting To Prevent "Office Syndrome"

Good ways of Resting To Prevent "Office Syndrome"

Office Syndrome is a common problem found amongst office workers. The causes usually come from sitting or remaining in the same position for 8-9 hours without moving or getting up, making the muscles become contracted, resulting in muscle tightness and pain. Over time, muscle pain becomes a chronic problem that requires an accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatments. That is why you should take a good rest to prevent office syndrome.

  Office Syndrome’s Symptom mostly is the pressure on sensitive points in the muscles that causes pain and compression in the muscle (myofascial pain syndrome). This is especially the inflammation of the neck, shoulder, and back muscles, which sometimes cause you to faint, sweat and experience eye strain, numbness or tingling.

Causes and Symptoms of Office Syndrome

  1. 1. Sitting for an extended period of time (More than 6 hours per day)

  2. 2. Sitting in poor posture and sitting in a chair that does not fully support the body

  3. 3. Experiencing neck, shoulder, and back pain which need medicine or massage to relieve the pain

  4. 4. Having headache and eyestrain sometimes during working


4 Easy Ways to Prevent Office Syndrome

  1. 1. Creating an ergonomically friendly working environment and correcting your position along with the table’s height and the computer, and also choosing the right chair for working

  2. 2. Stretching your muscles during the day to help maintain flexibility.

  3. 3. Sitting correctly, place your hands and elbows in the proper position, along with adjusting your chair's height. You may also use a cushion for your comfort and make sure your chair has an armrest.

  4. 4. Resting your eyes while working for long periods


In addition, there is another way to help keep you away from office syndrome, which is making the body feel relaxed when resting. Choosing a Recliner chair or Recliner Sofa will make your body feel relaxed from suffering fatigue from working all day long. A Recliner chair or Recliner sofa will help relieve your body’s pain, especially the neck, shoulder, and back.

Typically, an ordinary chair will keep your body straight, especially your back, which sometimes leads to an unnatural sitting position. Slouching or hunching over with rounded shoulders causes constant muscle contraction without notice. That is why there are many times that you experience back pain or sore muscles when resting. If you choose a recliner chair or recliner sofa for your resting, it can be able to adjust your comfort, keeping your muscle and spine relaxed. 


Office Syndrome is one of the issues that we should not overlook. La-Z-Boy (pronounced "lazy boy") focuses on developing technology and design of the La-Z-Boy Recliner to be an item that will provide you comfort during your resting time. In addition, it will keep your body healthy and help reduce the symptoms and risk of developing Office Syndrome.

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