A "Fabric Chair or Fabric Sofa”, taking the right care will help to extend its life cycle

A "Fabric Chair or Fabric Sofa”, taking the right care will help to extend its life cycle

When it comes to "Fabric", we should be extra careful or find a certain way to maintain its usage. However, for clothes, many people probably don't think much about maintaining them even when it is also made from fabric. Yet, when fabric becomes part of your sofa or your favorite chair, have you ever wondered what are some ways that you can keep them looking beautiful in the long run?

 A fabric Chair or sofa is another type of chair apart from the wooden chair and the leather chair. It used fabric as a cover material with various colors and design, making it look modern and bright according to the owner’s preferences. Also, it is not expensive, which makes it popular nowadays. Many people have concerns about the service life and maintenance of a fabric sofa and wonder whether it would be as durable as a leather sofa or not. In facts, if we take good care of it, the service life will be as good and durable as the leather one.


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Keeping your fabric sofa look brand new is not difficult

Although the fabric sofa is made of a material that may absorb water and dust, its beauty and design are as beautiful as a leather sofa. Things to be aware of about fabric are the stains and spills from drinks or foods, or the scratches from pets. This is especially the dust that may enter the surface of the cloth, making your fabric look dull. Therefore, it is vital to keep your favorite fabric sofa looking new and fresh.


3 Tips for taking care of fabric chair and sofa

  1. 1. Vacuum your fabric lounge regularly

There are gaps from the weave of the thread in the fabric’s texture. The dust can get stuck in those gaps, and if you leave it for long, it can harm your health and causes allergy to your family. Thus, we should clean the fabric sofa by vacuuming at least once a week, or if you don't have time, it could be at least twice a month.

  1. 2. Remove the stains immediately

Every time there are spills from drinks or drops from foods, use a towel or paper towel to clean it immediately to avoid the stains. Later, use a damp cloth to clean on the same area again to fade away the stain or use an appropriate cleaning product if applicable. 

  1. 3. Use a fabric chair's cleaning products

You may use a fabric’s chair cleaning products following the instructions of that particular fabric chair. Wipe and clean regularly to prevent stubborn stains from any other dirt, which might make the fabric’s color look dull.

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  La-Z-Boy (pronounced as "lazy boy") would like to offer an easier way for you with our innovation, “iClean by La-Z-Boy”. iClean fabric is a special weaving technique used to cover the chair, making the Lazy Boy fabric reclining sofa or fabric recliner more than just durable or having soft touch because it also will not leave stains and is easy to clean. There is no need to use any detergent that can quickly tarnish the fabric, nor a need to use fabric coating which tends to make the fabric rough or hard. We are proud and confident that our La-Z-Boy’s innovation will make your fabric sofa or your favorite sofa’s selection process easier and affordable.

  Experience the innovation of iClean fabric by La-Z-Boy with our reclining chair and sofa at La-Z-Boy showrooms and all dealers. Give it a try, and you will change your idea about ​​hard-to-maintain fabric sofas.

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