Recliners, your assistant to reduce the risk of back pain

Recliners, your assistant to reduce the risk of back pain

  Prolonged sitting while working for a whole day, sometimes you sit in the wrong posture without realizing or sit for long periods without moving, even in your leisure time as well. If you choose a seat that does not suit your posture or does not support your entire body, it may lead to some injury without realizing it. One of the most commonly known injuries is "Back Pain", this is why you should find and choose a chair for your posture and suit for your relaxation.

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Working-age adults usually experience back pain due to the following reasons:

  • Wrong posture while working by bending your backbone on one side for a long time.

  • Hunching while sitting without realizing it, prolonged hunching not only causes pain on your shoulder and scapula but also leads to back pain as well.

  • Sitting with your head leaning forward or sitting with your head too close to the monitor for an extended period can increase the pressure on your spinal column. You might not even be aware while you’re doing so. This pressure can be as great as 4.5kg for every 2.5 centimeters you lean forward.

Changing posture means you can reduce back pain.

             There have been many times that our back pain came from behavioral habits in daily life. Doing some habits without caution may lead to pain, so besides, being aware of behavioral habits, you shouldn't overlook sitting in the correct position, or finding some products that would help you relieve those habits which cause back pain.

A recliner that helps you reduce the risk of back pain and relieve your stress.

             When talking about a recliner, which can adjust as you desire, it can relieve muscle tension around your back and the muscle group which is located around your neck and leg. This furniture piece could provide you with comfort, and at the same time, reduce the risk of injuries or strains of back muscles excellently. Talking about recliners, La-Z-Boy is a leading recliner’s manufacturer and designer that meets individuals’ needs and preferences in functional, material, and design.


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             La-Z-Boy’s recliners could help reduce the risk of back pain symptoms as this type of leisure chair is adjusted independently, whether the backrest or legrest. Moreover, for some models, they can even adjust the lumbar and headrest (Power XR+ models). As La-Z-Boy’s recliners can work independently, they can adjust to any position or levels to accommodate your body freely. Ordinary chairs and sofas that you may find in the market may not be able to support your body as they mainly focus on the softness and the looks. Thus, La-Z-Boy’s recliners could be one of your choices for leisure days to reduce the risk of back pain and relieve your back pain symptoms. 

             Back pain is something you should not overlook or wait until it happens. We should be aware and change our habits along with finding a Lazyboy recliner. This will reduce the risk of back pain, in the same way, will provide you relaxation and wellness when your body needs it.


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