Recliner, the comfort item on your relaxing days from "La-Z-Boy"

Recliner, the comfort item on your relaxing days from "La-Z-Boy"

The body gets tired from work continuously throughout the week, so you should provide comfort for your body when it comes to the rest day. La-Z-Boy’s recliner can help you with that as it is the comfort item that will fill you with relaxing feelings on your weekdays or your vacations.

"Recliner" is a reclining chair with a soft cushion just like a sofa because there is a cushion that supports the whole body. Apart from that, the backrest and footrest can also be adjusted to different levels, making the recliner a very suitable chair for sitting and resting. 

Additionally, the recliner is designed to support the body in all kinds of user requirements. There are two types of recliner: manual recliner and power recliner. Whilst the covers can be categorized into two kinds: leather and fabric. The differences in the materials’ covers do not affect the functionality; it is just part of the design and for personal preferences 


Looking for a good relaxing chair or sofa for your living room or bedroom is like choosing a good time as a present for yourself. A relaxing chair like a recliner can be considered the ideal chair when the body gets tired and needs comfort. This is because if it is just a standard chair or sofa that cannot recline, the comfort from resting may last for only a few moments when you start sitting. Still, when you begin to sit for an extended period, your sitting posture is indifferent when you sit at work. Your spine will be in a vertical line, causing your initial relaxation to disappear. Unlike a standard chair, recliners can be reclined according to your body needs, especially when your body is tired from the long day. When the chair is adjusted according to your body’s needs, you will get to relieve your back, neck and legs. This can be considered a helping hand that adds comfort and wellness during your relaxation day.



When talking about a “Recliner” from La-Z-Boy, many people may wonder about the pros and the differences between La-Z-Boy’s recliner and other recliners in the market. Besides offering both the Manual Recliner and Power Recliner, La-Z-Boy is available in a various models, as well as a variety of leather and fabric covers’ colors to meet individual needs and tastes. Basically, you can design your La-Z-Boy recliner according to your preferences. Yet, the highlight of La-Z-Boy Recliner is the mechanism for adjusting the backrest and the footrest which is unique and exclusive to La-Z-Boy. The backrest and the footrest can be adjusted independently for both manual and power models, which cannot be found in other recliners.  This unique mechanism allows you to choose the perfect reclining level for your back and your leg, making La-Z-Boy recliners the perfect comfort item for your leisure time.

Furthermore, La-Z-Boy has patented Unibody Technology, which connects the 4-sided frame of the recliners, making it the strongest frame construction for lasting durability. 

These are just some of the main reasons we recommend La-Z-Boy recliners as a must-have item during your leisure time. It will provide you with the best comfort that your body needs and good health in the long term.

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