How Can Recliners Relieve Back Pain?

How Can Recliners Relieve Back Pain?

Back pain is one of the top reasons for people to visit a doctor. While there are many causes of back pain, there are different treatments for them. Some doctors now recommend having recliners at home not only for comfort but also for home care support for the elderly or people with disabilities or medical problems.


What are the Causes of Back Pain?

A large number of people suffers from back pain, with millions of bath spent on treatment each year.  Just simply walking on your two legs, it could put stress on your spine. There are also sports injuries, carrying extra body weight, prolonged sitting during work period, wrong sleeping posture, increase in age, stress and pregnancy that can cause back pain.
All these factors could put stress on the back of the muscles around the spine. It could cause tightening in the muscle, which leads to back pain eventually


How Can Recliners Help?

Recliners can help with backpain by take the weight off of your back.
On standard chairs, you have to sit up straight, which means your back has to take all the body weight. This also means that you are still contracting your muscle. With recliners, your body is lying down. It means you are resting your spine as it balances the weight to other parts of your body rather than just your back. You will feel more relaxed and able to sit longer.
Elevating legs while reclining can help in many other medical conditions including varicose veins and blood flow of your heart. The more reclining angles your recliner could offer, the more helpful it is.


Are Massage Chairs Better Than Recliners?

Massage chairs can relieve back pain, too, but it depends on the nature of your back pain. Usually, people use massage chairs to help with muscle tightness or spasms in which heat can also help. However, when it comes to back injuries, it is better to use a simple reclining position that supports your back. Anyhow, it is best to consult with doctors regarding the specific issues with back pain that you are having.

Noted: Message chairs should be used according to guidelines from doctors or physical therapist only. It should not be used with
1.    Child and pregnancy woman who has severe heart disease and bone injuries
2.    Do not use electric massage chairs with wet body
3.    Do not sleep while operating electric massage chair


Can Recliners Be Used for Sleeping?

A semi-reclined position can help people who experience difficulty in breathing. It can help decrease the severity of sleep apnea, snoring, and blood circulatory. Many people do find sleeping on recliners more comfortable than on the beds.


..... Because back pain is a big problem and depresses happiness in life, the correct sitting position is important. La-Z-Boy Recliner is designed to fit the human body, supporting the back and distributing the weight that presses the spine. La-Z-Boy is chosen to use by many of the country's leading medical and health institutions and is a recliner that is often recommended to be placed in the house to help relieve back pain.

It's not too late to turn to health care from today. Prevention is better than solving problems that we can avoid by adjusting behavior and looking after ourselves appropriately. Choosing good chairs and sofas is important because it is something we all need in our daily lives. A good chair helps us to sit comfortably, to sit for hours without feeling pain at the back.

If we compare the price with the benefits of reclining chairs and sofas, then it will not be expensive. Aside from health benefits, recliners can be used as a home furniture decoration that is no different from other sofa chairs. There are a variety of designs and types of upholstery both fabric and genuine leather, and can also be given as a gift for your lover, someone you care about as well.



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