Create a relaxation corner that touches "the elderly" ’s heart with La-Z-Boy.

Create a relaxation corner that touches "the elderly" ’s heart with La-Z-Boy.

If we are talking about the resting corner, the first thing that comes to mind is beauty, comfort, and relaxation. Yet, suppose you have to decorate a relaxation corner for “the elderly”, there are more factors to be considered than just beauty. This is because when it comes to the elderly, we have to look into other elements, including health and safety, in addition to convenience.

How to choose and rearrange a relaxation corner for the elderly. There are simple principles:

  1. 1. Choose a soothing and relaxing color scheme to decorate a relaxation corner. Focus on the cool color tones such as white, cream, light blue, light yellow etc.
  2. 2. Choose the right lighting and atmosphere. They are the essentials to the feeling of relaxation, especially to the elderly.  Do not set a resting corner that is too opaque for the safety of living in those areas. 
  3. 3. Decorate a relaxation corner with accessories and small decors such as vases, flowers, picture frames or any decorations that can add a splash of colorful liveliness to a relaxation corner. 
  4. 4. Pick a leisure chair or a reclining chair. This is another vital variable when arranging a relaxation corner as it is the elderly's favorite. When choosing a leisure chair or reclining chair, it should be a chair for health, whether made from fabric or leather. The chosen chair should be able to recline to support every part of the body. As the elderly usually spend a lot of time on reclining chair that some might fall asleep during the day, sitting in a comfortable and right chair is very necessary. This is because, besides the comfort, they should receive the best relaxation and wellness that they deserved at the same time.

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Principles of choosing a leisure chair, chair for health, or reclining chair for the elderly’s relaxation corner can be easily done as the following:

1. Elderly chairs must not have wheels. If they do, they must be able to be locked firmly or else they can easily cause an accident when the elderly sit or stand up as the chair with wheels will have less surface area that touches the ground. If the chair was not of a standard quality, the chair’s weight will be lighter than usual, which could lead to a chance of an accident while using it in the house. 

2.Elderly chairs should have armrests. The armrest area can support and help the elderly to balance themselves while sitting or standing. A type of chair that can lift the seat up and down will be more helpful, convenient, and safe for the elders. The chosen chair should have the right armrest’s size made from materials that are not too harsh or slippery.

3. Elderly chairs should allow elders to firmly rest their feet flat on the floor when sitting. This posture is considered the safest way to make every movement easy and stable for the elders. If the chair or the seat is too high, it can compromise the stability while seated or standing because elders’ feet will be unable to reach the floor. However, if it is a type of chair that can lift the seat up and down, it can help reduce the problems of elders sitting and standing.

4. Elderly chairs should be healthy chair with a footrest. Sitting and hanging your legs down for an extended period can cause swollen legs and feet among elders. Having a footrest can help elders sit comfortably and reduce the risk of the occurrence of these symptoms. 

5. Elderly chairs should be reclining chair. A reclining chair is considered a chair for health that is suitable for elders. It provides the best comfort and a better variety of sitting and reclining position. Therefore, it is a type of chair that provides comfort, safety, and wellness.

     Comfort, relaxation, and health are the three main factors that we need to pay attention to when choosing a chair for the elderly. With today's innovation and technology, the ideal type of relaxation options is available such as a La-Z-Boy Lift Recliner or, in other words, a reclining chair that can lift the seat up and down to support the mobility of the elders when sitting or standing. This is another form of a healthy chair for elders. A reclining chair with lifting options by just a touch of a remote will not only provide you ease but also enhance the safety and wellness of your living for a cozy corner at your home is what La-Z-Boy would love to recommend. 

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