Health Benefits of a Recliner ?

Health Benefits of a Recliner ?

What is a Recliner?
Recliners are, at their most basic, your comfortable chair with a reclining function. A regular chair keeps you seated upright, and this position puts a lot of stress on the lower back. A recliner eliminates that problem by allowing you to shift your position with angles and rests that will let weight more evenly distributed all over your body. No single body part will experience extreme stress. Therefore, your lower back will feel comfortable and more relaxed, allowing you to stay seated for more extended periods.
Nowadays, recliners are designed with more elaborate features, such as improved arm and footrests, ergonomic headrests, and backrest. A good recliner can address specific muscle strain conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome. You can put your feet up, entirely lie down, or simply recline—you’ll definitely be able to settle into the most comfortable position for you in a recliner. These days, many of them come with remote controls, making them ideal for people with more limited mobility. 


Benefits of a Recliner
If you do not own or use a recliner chair, you are missing a lot. Many of us know that the benefit of recliners is a comfort. Indeed, there are many other benefits of recliners, including the following:
1.    Alleviate all tensions and pains on your back by relieving strain and pressure from the spine.
2.    Prevent the elderly from developing back, neck, and joint pains 
3.    Help in preventing problems such as spinal, neck and shoulder pains that are caused by an incorrect posture of your body when sitting
4.    Help you position your body to the most comfortable and relaxing angle.
5.    Relief back pain for pregnant women
6.    Useful for people with mobility problems, such as after surgery or injury, because they can help them change from a sitting position to standing position easily (by use of remote control).
7.    Promote relaxation and reduce stress
8.    Improve blood circulation and prevent varicose veins and cramps
9.    Legrest support legs and ensure that the blood rotates all over the body not just towards the legs to avoid the swelling of the feet and legs 
10.    Minimize pressure on the lungs and heart to decreases the risk of getting a heart attack or heartburn
11.    Prevent from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD)
12.    Decrease the severity of sleep apnea and snoring
13.    Cut the discomfort of a cold or the flu and keep your nose from feeling plugged up


Anyhow, recliners aren’t a cure-all. If you experience pain persistently, it is best to consult a doctor in case there’s a more serious medical reason for it.




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